About Parsley & Hutch

About the Parsley & Hutch Team

Megan Walker

Position: Puddle Head of Operations & MacIntyre Support

Meg has been instrumental in the creation of The Puddle since 2017, originally giving her time freely to retrospectively turn The Puddle into a facility suitable for individuals with complex needs. Since the doors opened for the first time in 2021 Meg has been fundamental in working with the associated charitable partners in creating new and exciting opportunities for all who attend.

The Puddlers’

Work so far has been carried out by our dedicated group of volunteers and service users ‘The Puddlers’ and there is an almost never ending programme of development.

Some of the “Puddlers’” who will be writing on this site and entering the digital age are: Ami, Josh, Dylan, Stacey, Bethan and Dan.

Parsley & Hutch blog posts are all vetted and edited by Megan, Phill and other team members to ensure the best and most accurate information is there to help with your gardening.

Mission Statement

When we first started to discuss the possibility of opening up The Puddle as a facility for charitable organisations and the SEND community I asked the question: What is our mission?

What came back was the worlds worst mission statement – but when I actually thought about it, it was genius in the fact that it was simple, innocent and to the point….. no corporate waffle.

“The Puddle is where nice people, do nice things, for nice people”

And that’s it!

I know lame, right?

But take a moment and imagine what could be:

“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one”

John Lennon

Puddle History

The Puddle was never intended to be anything other than a personal project, an opportunity to get the extended family kids off the gaming machines. Imagine a cross between an allotment and a little private fishing pond – that was it, there was no plan – it was just a case of let’s see.

Sadly, when I first purchased the land, I didn’t realise the damage years of fly tipping had done.

After completely clearing the site we started the 4 year endeavour of digging out the ponds, lovingly referred to as The Puddles and planting over 1000 trees and shrubs!

It was at this stage, just waiting for nature to work its magic that a set of extraordinary coincidences happened, in a very short space of time.

Firstly, a local SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) School got in touch, then Plum Productions wanted to film for George Clarkes Amazing Spaces, then the local council wanted to incorporate The Puddle within it’s offer for adults with complex needs……. whoa, whoa, what was going on?!

So if we were going to do this, how could we do it right? We had no experience, no knowledge and had no intention for it to make money.

It was at this stage, or as far as I can remember, it’s all a blur now, that conversations started to take place with MacIntyre a fantastic Charity that supported adults with complex needs nationwide.

They had the experience and knowledge and we had The Puddles – together we formulated a plan……

The Puddle Project was born!

Initial Objectives (Goals)

To create a self sustaining facility that would fall within the budgetary requirement of the Charity (MacIntyre) where ALL money earned by the facility (The Puddle) would be reinvested into the SEND service level standards and other community charities.

It’s funny, because even now after the best part of 3 years people still don’t believe:

People say I’m crazy
Doing what I’m doing
Well, they give me all kinds of warnings
To save me from ruin
When I say that I’m okay, well they look at me kinda strange
“Surely, you’re not happy now, you no longer play the game”

John Lennon

The Puddle Equation is really quite simple:

Initial Investment + No Overheads + Income = An opportunity to make a difference for the better!

Since then we have been joined by Families United, Home-Start UK and Walton Lea Partnership proving that #togetherwearestronger

The Future

As the initial objective has been achieved it is time for The Puddle to take on a new challenge!:

  • Raise the awareness of Puddle associated *Charities
  • Generate funding opportunities for Puddle associated *Charities

And the Holy Grail!:

  • To generate a real income opportunity for adults with complex needs!

*Charities: MacIntyre, Families United & Home-Start UK

The creation of Parsley & Hutch gives us the first opportunity to get the individuals who attend The Puddle to use their imagination with all things Puddle and create their own affiliate model!

Website Owner

Funny, we never really thought of it as “ownership” but I suppose if people want to know who’s paying the bills – well that’ll be The Puddle Project CIC. More info about the Puddle can be found here.

Website Writers

Ultimate responsibility for content will be with the Award Winning MacIntyre “Friday” group at The Puddle (facilitated by Megan).

They’ve negotiated a 30% cut of any potential income with the rest going to supporting Puddle associated *Charities. They are a tough bunch of negotiators, they are only at The Puddle on a Friday!

It is hoped that with time, writing will expand to all of the *Charities and further groups within MacIntyre – one step at a time.

Charity Participants


Families United

Home-Start UK

All of which play a major part in the gardening, maintenance and animal care projects at The Puddle.

Puddle Pets

Apart from the amazing wildlife at The Puddle we have several animals that are a part of our family:

Hutch Rabbit: Ruby

Silkie Chickens

These old girls never really had names, but they are adored by all and spoilt rotten!

Runner Ducks

Raised by the Silkies from Ebay eggs, it took a while for Chuck, Crispy, Plum and Hoisin to realise they were ducks and were taught to swim by one of the Silkies (it’s true!)


Parsley & Hutch Address (The Puddle):

The Puddle Project, Fearnley Wood. Warrington

Centre of the known universe: WARRINGTON! For those who have never heard of Warrington, it’s the rose stuck between Manchester and Liverpool.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @thepuddleproject

Telephone: 07780779813

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